FTIM Mighty Men: Men's Ministry

Ministry Leader: 


This Ministry will give each man the opportunity to discover his role from the scriptures. The men of FTIM will become enriched and find fulfillment through a dynamic relationship with God.

Some of the benefits of involvement in the Men’s Ministry are:

  • Men discovering their roles as husbands, fathers and role models from the scriptures.

  • Men receiving ministry which meets the specific needs of each man.

  • Creating healthy bonding and friendships with other men of the church.

  • Engaging in activities which provide social and intellectual development and expressions from men of various economic, intellectual and social strata.

  • Developing one’s maximum potential as a Christian man. 

​FTIM Women of Virtue: Women's Ministry

Ministry Leader: Elder Lady Tiffany McBean


Her heart’s passion is to develop women to the next level of ministry in the church, their home, and the community.

Our Ladies Ministry is designed to foster, enhance and produce holy women of God who are leading wholesome and well balanced lives as defined in the Scriptures. The Women’s Ministry is directed to provide ministry to the total woman.

The women of FTIM will:

  • Reflect the biblical characteristics of the virtuous woman as seen in Proverbs 31.

  • Learn how to become excellent women, mothers, daughters, friends, and wives.

  • Emerge as godly women as a result of biblical teaching, fasting and prayer.

  • Discover their latent God-given talents and enhance their skills.

  • Receive ministry which will meet their specific needs.

  • Discover the blessings which God has designed for women.

  • Reach their maximum potential through a proper understanding of themselves and their designated roles as they are specified in God’s Word. 

Meeting of the Hearts: ​Couple’s Ministry

Ministry Leader: 


The Marriage Ministry is designed to enhance, restore and bring unity into our marriages.  We offer enrichment workshops to strengthen marriages and families by teaching practical ways to apply the word of God into our relationships. We also have special events where we come together as couples to pray, fellowship and encourage each other.  Our vision is to foster strong healthy marriages and encourage them to stand on the foundation and live in the fullness God intended marriages to have.

​Generation Move: Youth Ministry

Ministry Leader: Elder Tamara Williams


It is designed to:

  • Help youths develop into mature and confident transforming agents for the kingdom of God.

  • Help our youth see the relevance of God’s Word in their lives as they seek TRUTH.

  • Help our youth promote a personal relationship with God, while building character and teaching the fundamental principles of Christianity. 

  • Help empower our youths to live in fullness of God's purpose for their lives everyday using their gifting(s)  and talents to advance their church, home and community.   

​Oasis: Children's Church

Ministry Leader: Deaconess Marlene Morgan




Other Ministries Include:
Prayer /Altar:
Ministry Leader: Deaconess Marlene Morgan
Ushers Ministry

Ministry Leader: Elder Judith Shealey

I-Care – Mentoring Program

Ministry Leader: Lady Tiffany McBean

Hospitality Ministries

Ministry Leader: 

Music Ministry

Ministry Leader: 


Yada Dance Ministry

Ministry Leader: Krystal Philbert

Media Ministry


Help & Maintenance Ministry
Evangelism/Outreach Ministry

Ministry Leader: Elder Judith Shealey